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January 17,  2013-Last Thursday night in studio

The subject is a “found object” that belonged to my husband Loyd Scott; we both shared a love of “found objects”. We were the treasure hunters at second hand shops- auctions- ect, looking for the overlooked object- the bargain- the unrecognized gem to bring home.

There are objects we carry with us in our lives- they are markers for us, Loyd had this one – a relic he found as a boy with his dog and a metal detector. Over 25 years this relic has had place in our home- something about it’s nature- the legs curved from heat- fire, the silver plating too almost gone- the dent- through it all it has a grace about it that still speaks. It is now in my studio- silent witness to another life shared.


November 11, 2012 -The Edit-

Last night I burned a few works that I had the pleasure to pursue – but in the end – it had served a role and part in my pursuit of the creative process. It is part of the creative process to edit – With unresolved poorly resolved works we shred – rip – cut – looking for a likely fragment ( a good crop) – paint over – draw over-look over then let go.



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January 23, 2013 · 1:13 am

Upcoming Exhibition: Washington Pavillion- Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Opening Reception May 18th, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
at the Washington Pavillion, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Nancyjane Huehl, Mary Groth, Dale Lamphere, Paul Schiller
Exhibition is May 18 through August 12, 2012




“she went down swing’in” oil paining c. N. Huehl 2012
interpretation of photograph _DSC00311NEF Paul Schiller
collaboration for the upcoming exhibition.


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About the Art of Nancyjane M. Huehl




“While Nancyjane’s work is clearly referential – the subjects are obvious “things” or “places”– it is to my mind abstract in two important aspects. First is her expressive use of media, both oil and pastel, with which she alters both surface and space, replacing them with bold texture and color. In addition, ancillary areas in many of her paintings are seemingly Impressionistic, and even boarder on pure abstraction—areas that could easily be enjoyed for their color, texture, and expressive execution. Her color alternates between the influences of Impressionism and Fauvism, with a hyped-up richness that both increases visual perception and speaks of the expressiveness of her media. Her purpose in this abstraction seems, to me, to build on the tradition of artists like Harvey Dunn. Her work captures a romantic essence of the South Dakota environment and experience by enhancing the sensual indigenous color, atmosphere, and topography. She deftly accomplishes this through a selective process that updates her subject stylistically and denies the harsh realism of the prairie existence”.   John Day- MFA, University of South Dakota – Director of USD University Art Galleries from 1977 until 2009.


Art of the Hills Magazine  Volume 5 Issue 1 – 2011


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